080927 - Manic

080927 - Up in the chaos of tired boys... I sanded the mud on the beams and then went out back to play w/ the boys. Grant can now drive the gator, well at least push the gas... Here he is very pleased with himdelf that he took off too fats and lost his passenger in the back! L got some lunch for the boys, then D,J&I headed out for some errands: watch bat, hair cut, socks gel & beer, movie store. Home to watch the end of the Bucks game & talk to Doc as he resurfaced his driveway. L headed to get groceries, G took a nap and the big boys & I played the Wii. L home and unpacked, we ran out got some grub on the way to the Pataskila Antique Power Show where we saw a bunch of old tractors, some I rember driving... not much action though, we got there pretty late. Stopped at Lowe's on the way home. L gave the natives baths while I replace bulbs in the outside lights and a fixture in the playroom. Everyone back downstairs for so popcorn and Wii. Got the boys all tucked in and then loaded up the suitcase and tied up loose ends.
080926 - Really fast day, too much to do and not enough time... After work the fam headed out to eat. We went to On the Border for some Mexican food and had a wonderful dinner. Everyone ate and no one threw anything or screamed. We then headed to Kohls to get me some clothes for work. That took too long... Home and the big boys and I headed down to the basement to watch War of the Worlds, Jack zonked out quickly and Howdy and I stayed up, watched the movie, then How its Made and Mythbusters. I got him to bed by 1am...
080925 - Normal day. Howdy came home with a bad math grade and more sketchy homework notes. I heard L ask him if he could see the board and saying something about a glare... I printed off an eye test, and the boy definately needs glasses! Headed out tonight w/ Jeff to a house buying seminar.