080917 - Cleaned up

080917 - Up and still no power! Called in to Holland, let them know we are still in the stone ages. Then headed outside to finish up the clean up effort. About noon we got the yard done, you can see the pile, this is the second and smaller of our two piles... The boys played fairly well, a little sick of being together 24x7... While the boys had lunch I made some calls for work to keep up. I grabbed some cold chicken and then played tug of war. Everyone went in and rested while L headed over to Nicole's to do a couple loads of wash. I got the boys a snack, L home, they played in the backyard and then we headed off to Jack's guitar lesson & L off to dinner w/ the girls. The lesson went really well and Jack really likes it. Dylan even said 'Jack is really good at it', amazing! Got some nuggets on the way home and G got something in his eye that made him scream all the home. Put some eye drops in his eye and he got better. Gave the boys baths, played with shadow puppets and off to bed, and not a peep. I read a book with my hat flashlight until L got home, and we had a nice chat.
To bed and still no power.