080924 - Gotcha!

080924 - Up and got the morning stuff done then headed to lunch. Amazingly I ran into an old friend, Don Kaufman! Well, it wasn't really Amazing... Let me explain...
There is this online professional network called 'linkedin'. It allows you to link yourself to people you have worked with and met along the way. Well Don found me on linkedin.com and sent me a mail. I read his mail and was about to respond when I noticed his signature and the company he worked for. What got my attention was the company he works for. I know the VP of this company! So, I immediately called called Courtland, the VP. I confirmed that the Don working for him was the Don I grew up with. The evil plan was then set in motion. I didn't reply to Don's mail very fast, and when he wanted to get together for lunch I always had something to do: this was to buy time. You see after talking to Courtland I called everyone I could think of, including his wife, that would know an embarrassing story about Don. I gathered these over the weeks and was feeding them to Courtland. Cortland in turn would tell Don stories about his youth and Don was amazed at the similar life paths he and Cortland had. Well today when I walked into the restaurant I greeted Don and then was 'introduced' to Courtland, Don's boss. I was invited to sit down and chat and immediately Courtland & I were obviously NOT compatible to be at the same table. I made fun of his political party, his clothes and his looks, which sent him huffing off to the bathroom... Don was quite flustered, fidgety, nervous and sweating bullets... Well Courtland returned, sat down and said 'I thought you would have enough sense to be gone when I got back', Don was about to die. I responded, 'Courtland, I can't do this any more'. He said 'I can't either', and Don was so twisted and confused he didn't know what to think. We then told him of the evil plot and the color returned to his face and got a good laugh out it. He was floored to find out that his friends and wife would take part in the plot and that Cortland really had no stories resembling his past. We had a great laugh and a good lunch!
After lunch Don, Courtland & I went shoe shopping at Nostrum. Then home to finish the day, with the typical P disaster at 5:05pm... Played w/ G upstairs and then the big boys on the Wii, got some baths, played some games, read some stories and then off to bed. I came down and did some more work on the beams, almost ready to hand off to my painter!

080923 - Up and had a really strange day at work: I was at my desk all day long, but really felt like I got nothing done. Out to the kitchen for dinner, then a rush off to Jack's guitar lesson and then his soccer practice. I then took the family on a little drive to the store, Gamestop, where I picked up a copy of Lego Batman. I was a hero! Home to play the Wii a bit and bots to bed. I stayed up working.