080920 - Racing Day

080920 - Up and everyone to Jack's soccer game. He did pretty good, but was tired from staying up last night. We ran past the movie store, stopped by the house and the to the Columbus Soap Box Derby. All the boys thought it was pretty cool. But when I asked then if they would like to try it they said 'no, it looks too dangerous.' they are spending WAY too much time w/ L... Grabbed some grub and headed home to watch the OSU game, much better result then last weekend... I put another coat of mud on the barn beams & L&D went for a bike ride to the playground whil J&G took a nap. Got the group awake and back together and then headed to a bday party, where I ate too much, played football catch w/ D, and all the boys had a good time. Home and to the movie room to watch 'Speed Racer'. got the boys to bed late again. I then stayed up doing more work.