080914 - Damage

080914 - L to early church, G&I dropped of D&J for sunday school. G&I home to play and prep the beam to wall seam for mudding. All home for lunch then out to Jack's unorganized soccer pictures for an hour...
Headed to a pond for a snake hunting expedition and the wind really started kicking up... We left when a limb fell too close to Jack... we headed to Friendship park for more snake hunting and a creek walk. Our hunt was cut short due to high wind and flying debris. We retreated to Wendy's for dinner. There we watched the trees bend way over and signs fall to the ground.
We headed home and were shocked to see the trees and limbs everywhere. At home we couldn't get the garage door up, NO ELECTICITY! We surveyed the damage, see the pic of the backyard, note the tree resting on top of the shed... We got baths with what daylight remaining and played games and had shadow pupet shows untill bed time.
Later I determined it would be a better plan to head out to find a generator than to join the masses that would decend on the stores in the morning... It took several stops and calls to find the last remaining generator way up at Polaris. I got one around midnight!
On the way home I hit several gas stations, that either didn't have power, gas or gas cans. I did manage to get gas in the car at one place and a can at another, but no gas in the can...
After hitting one more gasless gas station I found myself sitting at a light that would not chage to let me out... I waited about 5 rotations then give up. I made sure the coast was clear, except the one car turning onto the road I was on and ran the light. Well the guy turning was a cop... He flipped on his lights, swung up behind me and would not listen... Then, as he was on his way back to his car with my license another car stops him and says 'sir, you might want to check out that light, it isn't working right.' AMEN! The officer returned my stuff and let me know he would check out the light and if he found it was working he would come to my house and give me a ticket. Haven't seen him yet ;-)