080906 - Soccer

080906 - Up and everyone to Jack's first soccer game. Jack did great and got a goal! Ran errands on the way home and then power washed the beams, THEY LOOK AWESOME! Had some lunch, the boys playing in the back of Doc's truck. Watching the OSU game, measuring for lumber for the beam project, then out to the playground for halftime.
080905 - Up and worked all morning. Got Doc's truck & headed up to the farm. Mom & Dad helped me sort through beams to find some we could use in the house. We measured & discussed, measuered and finally found ones we think will work. We cut them up then Dad used the tractor to get them into the truck, thank God! Drove home, my shoulders in knots, affraid the talgate would fall and the beams would be all over 71. Made it home, had some dinner, played some kickball, gave baths and watched a Fred Astaire movie w/ the boys.