080918 - Scouts

080918 - Up and still no power! L out to Marlene's to do some laundry and let J&G play. I did some more mail on the phone, attended some con calls and talked to t bunch of folks so I could stay on top of everything. I got the vent pipe, after 3yrs, attached from the boys bathroom through the attic hat vent, a layer of mud on the beam walls and some other chores I have had on a list for a long time.
I made a hamburger helper dinner on the camp stove and then took Howdy to the first Scout meeting of the year. It was good to see all the Scouts and Dads again. Home and Doc now has electric across the street. I got the boys to bed and then sat w/ L & Nicole in the dark living room. Then, POW! The lights came on!!!! I started the breakers one by one to make sure things worked and then turned off the generator and pushed the fridge back.
Shortly after the power came on the neighborhood rang with sirens from fire engines. An older couple down the road had their rang on when the power went out and hadn't shut it off... The house caught fire! The were staying at friends because one of them needed an oxygen machine so they were not at home. A neighbor saw the flames through their kitchen window and made the call. The house was saved but the need a new kitchen.