20210809 + Day on the Lake

20210809 + Up in the am and L made us some bfast. We then ventured out and found the marina and the boat we rented for the day. I signed a bunch of papers and they didn't even ask for my damn boaters certificate I stayed up all night to get... We got on the water and cruised around the lake. We couldn't do any tubing as it was a rented boat and didn't want to get kicked off the lake... J took a turn driving the boat and we did a lot of exploring. G had been here before with Andrew and he directed us to some cliffs where other boats were gathered. J&G then jumped in the water and swam to the shore and climbed the rocks. To L&I's horror they jumped off the cliff and in to the water. They did this over and over from higher and higher places as we journeyed around the late. We came to a lower outcropping and they tried to convince L to jump, she could barely get in the murky water... I joined the and jumped from a low cliff and that made the boys happy. Our rental time was up and we were on the lake all day and had a bunch of fun. We ate at a local joint Terrill recommended and had a great meal. Back to the cabin for some hot tub and pool and then got some rest.