20210822 + Deep Clean

20210822 + Up in the am and the idea to seal up the hive didn't seem to work as we had bees in the living room this morning... I got the front door tied open and investigated to find more holes to seal.  In and back to work in the bathroom. I got a layer of mud on and then started cleaning out the garage. Hazel and I ran to drop some things off at Goodwill and pick up an auction win. When we got home Gma&paW were here dropping off gifts for D's bday this week. We had a short visit and they took off. I got some more mud on the ceiling and did more cleaning, A LOT MORE CLEANING. I did a deep clean on the entire garage. L ran to Home Depot a couple times to buy bee stuff as we are realizing that sealing the hive was not the thing to do, I dug out the mortar, drilled some holes so the bees can get out. Andy stopped by and replenished my Natty supply and Nate stopped by with some Cane's for dinner. We hung out and chatted in the garage while I kept cleaning. Garage done about 10:30pm and then L&I put 'Seven' traps around the bee holes. Headed in to get cleaned up and head to bed. Long hot productive day.