20210814 - 4x4

20210814 - Up in the am and Courtland brought the work truck to my house and we went on to Andy's house, where the Gahanna Varsity baseball Polaris 4x4 was. I gave Andy the $ and CB drove it right up in the back of the truck. We made a stop at the house and picked up L and Hazel and headed to Worthington where we dropped CB off and headed up to the Farm. I was nervous driving the truck with the big 4x4 in the back, but we made it up there just fine. We found a place to unload it and I gave GpaW a lesson on how to drive it and he took it for a spin. I took it for a ride way back through the weeds to the backside of the barn across the creek. When I stopped Hazel was behind me... Covered in burns and soaking wet...  We made our way back to the barn and parked the 4x4. I made some calls and got a tune up lined up for it. We stayed for a nice visit where I worked on his phone and had dinner. We headed home and dropped the truck off in Worthington and on home where I stayed up late working on email.