20210802 - Bloody Foot

20210802 - Up in the am and straight away on calls. G went to XC this morning and J is heading in to the school to get his schedule worked out, L is looking for spots where we might be able to squeeze a vacation in... J headed out with some friends to Goodwill before going to pick up his schedule and get his Sr. pictures taken... God hope he doesn't buy/wear something awful...L helped find a place in WV for a couple days of vacation next week and I got that booked for us.  L cut one of Hazel's toenails to short so she's walking around the house with a black sock on... I finished up my day and G Hazel and I ran to one of Ed's auction to pick up a bunch of stuff. Home and carried things in and had dinner. Hazel's foot still bleeding so L ran to the pet store and got stuff to help clot the blood and I kept Hazel occupied until L got back and then we got her fixed up. We headed in to settle for the evening and watch some of the Olympics.