20190127 - Family Dinner

20190127 - Up in the am and ran to pick G up from his buddy's and drop him off at baseball. Stopped to get gas on the way home. Home for not long trying to get some things done and then ran back out to get G and drop him off at a basketball friend's house to get him to a game this afternoon. Swung by the house to get L&J and head to Zanesville. On the way I asked J to help with an easy task on the drive and J melted down... Had a nice lunck with Gma&paB, the Coles and L's uncle Kenny and aunt Suzzie for Steve's 72 bday. After lunch we ran to Ken & sue's house for a house tour and dessert. We then loaded a huge generator up the Kenny gave to us and headed home. Home, G home, he's exhausted and melted down. Got boys cleaned up and watched a movie before heading to bed.