20190126 + 2 Grounders

20190126 + Up in the am and L&I got J&G settled in front of the Xboxes and headed up to the Farm. We worked on winterizing the Farmhouse as the furnace or gas line to it has stopped working. GmaW helped and we got it done in good time. We went up to GmaW's house and got her set up on ebay and she now has a couple of things for sale! GpaW came back from a funeral and I reviewed what we did in the Farmhouse with him, got the license place sticker on our trailer and headed back to Gahanna to catch the end of G's basketball game; we got to see him hit the ground 2x... The boys won against a team we REALLY wanted to beat.  Home and J still glued to Xbox... I dropped G off at a buddy's for a sleep over. Home and got L and we headed to Gahanna Lanes to do some bowling for Tom's bday with some friends. Home late and forced J off the Xbox.