20150801 - A Lot of Scout Driving

20150801 - Up at 6:30 and on the road to Newcomerstown with the trailer. Got there at 8:15 and got the mower loaded, coffee refreshed and cookies and back on the road by 8:45. Had a nice up and down winding roads to 7Ranges to pick up D&J. I got there at 10:00 and both boys were still alive. I got good reports on their behavior and found out that J had a bloody nose everyday and passed out during the ceremony last night... :-o The boys got everything packed up and we caravaned to Das Dutch Kitchen for a buffet dinner. They boys talked a lot about all the fun stuff they did. On to the Farm for another break, Gma&paW were out shopping. Back on the road for the last leg... Home and unloaded the mower and all the boys stuff. G was very excited to see them and they told L all about their adventures. I took a bit of a nap and then D drove us to Home Depot for some supplies and then to Panda Express for dinner and home. We watched a movie, The Cobbler, in the basement and I stayed up late entering the merit badges all the boys earned at camp..