20150829 + Seeing Bi-Clear

20150829 + Up and with no sports in sight L locked me in the basement to clean up some of my junk.  L and boys to Lena's 6th bday party for the afternoon.  Around 4 I headed to the eye Dr. and L dropped D off.  We got our eyes checked I am officially old, i need bifocals...) and ordered a small fortune in glasses and contact :-s  After the eye appointment I got all my hairs cuts.  We then went to Jersey Mike's for a sub dinner.  D drove me to Lowe's in Whitehall where we picked up some supplies and a ceiling fan for the back porch.  It started pouring when we were in the store.  It was nice to have a chauffeur to go get the car so I didn't have to get wet :-)  Home and we all watched a movie in the basement.