20150830 - Batter & Plumber

20150830 - UP in the am and LJ&G to church, I worked at the desk for a bit and D got ready for his game.  J went home with the Mallonn's and LDG&I headed to D's game.  G was the bat boy and we had a super close game that lasted 10 innings.  D used his new bat and contacts but didn't get a hit.  the boys won 2-1.

Home and D&I pulled his toilet because it wasn't flushing right,  and put down a new wax seal, cleaned the shower drain and the light vent too.  His bathroom looks brand new.  I headed out to he back porch where I installed a ceiling fan and ran a new cable to the TV.  L cooked us some burgers on the grill.  All projects over for the day and in, cleaned up, little boys to bed and D&I watched 'Fear the Walking Dead'.