20150812 - First 2 Go

20150812 - Up and ready with the little boys.  G was first to go.  He stood proud for his pic and then jumped on his bike and vanished super excited and pumping like crazy for his first day as the only and last of the Winger boys to be at Jefferson Elementary :-) & :-(   Next up was J, he was nervous, his 'legs feel funny and I have butterflies in my stomach'.  He got his big boy picture taken and departed quickly hoping I wouldn't follow the bus down the road in my underpants.  L walked him to the bus stop and he got on without a hitch.  I got ready, headed south and stopped at Target to get L new pillows before work.  Long day at the desk at work.  Home, traffic a mess the second night in a row...  We had dinner and G&J told about their wonderful days at school full of smiles :-)  D told about his day driving L around at Easton for his last day of summer.  After dinner we went outside and put up a baseball net and L jumped on  the trampoline with the boys.  In and down to the basement to watch the movie 'Chapie'.  All boys to bed.