20150823 - Double Header

20150823 - Up in the am and at the desk getting paperwork done.  L ran and got J from his party, he's plenty tired and grumpy... we all got loaded up and headed to D's double header in Grove City.  We got our tent set up on the bleachers and settled in.  G was the bat boy and D had a couple really good games, he did his part, 0 errors, but they lost both games :-).  Gma&paW came down and Uncle Johnny stopped by to see some of the action.  We went to dinner with Gma&paW after the game. GpaW's glasses fell apart at the table. D drive Gma&paW back to our house. 

We got a couple more things done before calling it a done weekend.  Chris and Shawn Pettit came over to watch the the new series 'Fear the Walking Dead'.