20150425 - FREEZING

20150425 - Up super early and G&I headed to Grove City for baseball. IT WAS FREEZING!!! we played our first game starting at 8 and came back in the last inning to win. We then had our second game facing the wind and IT WAS FREEZING!!! We won the second game and then packed up and headed to D's game. L&J were at J's soccer game and they lost, but brought G&I some food at D's game. D was playing outfield and a bit of catcher. L stayed and JG&I headed out early because we were FREEZING!!! We stopped at the grocery on the way home and then home and hot showers for everyone. Warmed up I ran J to the magic store and then to get D at the school after his games. The McClains came over for dinner, I wasn't much fun, my head/neck are KILLING ME... Bed early.