20150418 + Triple & Bells

20150418 + UP in the am and G&I to D's baseball game, L&J to J's soccer game. G&I met the McClains at D's game and D was playing 2nd base, then catcher and up to bat and getting good hits :-) I had to leave to go to a wedding and on the way home had 2 parents contact me telling me I just missed D's HUGE HIT. He CRUSHED the ball and it hit the right field fence, a naturla triple!!! D said it felt GREAT to hit the ball that hard! :-) 

Home and ready for the wedding and L&I walked to the Sanctuary just in time to be seated. It was a nice wedding of Jared and Megan Estep and there were a lot of people there from work. 

We got home and we all watched 'The November Man'. and then off to bed.