20140222 - 2, 4, 40

20140222 - Up in the am and Gma&paB here for a day of basketball.  We loaded up and went to G's game where we got a good show and G tore up the court.  Home and DJ&I hung out while everyone else went out and got a pair of shoes for GpaB & G and some cool socks.  We all met up for a nice burp filled lunch at Max & Erma's and then back to the house to watch some TV while L & GmaB headed out to do Girly things.  All back together and to J's basketball game.  J ran all over and is doing good with his skills.  After the game L & GmaB went to get us some dinner, a 40 pack of the original high octane sliders from White Castle.  After our digestive systems were sent into shock we bravely headed back out into public, expecting explosions at every pump, to see D's basketball game.  D got 4 points and 6 fouls in a very aggressive game.  We said goodbye to Gma&paB and then hung out for the next games and chatted with the Grossls.  home with 3 tired grumpy boys, cleaned them up and sent them to bed.