20130203 - Contagious

20130203 - Up slow in the am and in to work. At the desk ALL DAY doing email and a couple ad-hoc assignments. Got a text from L today that the Drs office called and G's test for strep was positive! :-o and he went to school and infected all his classmates today. BRILLIANT!!! Home, L&J at his basketball practice, I got a couple quick things on the PC and then ate while D&G played on their iDevices. Got changed, D&G ready and then in to Scouts.  L dropped J off and picked up G. The meeting was good, another parent led it :-)  After the meeting J&I dropped his buddy Conor off at home and then swung by the church to pick D up from his Scout meeting.  Home for a min and updated the Middle School Baseball flyer. Got Doc and headed to Tim Horton's for a quick Bible Bangers meeting. One of the guy's dad is really sick (pancreatic cancer). He was down with him in Florida over the weekend and things are dwindling... Home, Jack in my bed, I think he is afraid of getting sick from G :-s