20140209 - SOLD!

20140209 - Up in the am and everyone ready for church, but only DJ&I went as G has a fever again :-o  After church we stopped by the video store to return stuff, then home and got a couple of things done.  Then DJ&I headed out for some errands, post office to ship stuff, library to return books, gas station 1, gas station 2, Meijer to get pyrex dishes for L, Home Depot to get new burners and pans for L's stove top, Costco to look at the TV I want, Toys R US to return J's pogo stick and wander around forever looking for something that we didn't know we were looking for, Best Tuy to look at the TV I want.  Then we got stuck...  The Manager of Best Buy adnd the Samsung Rep cornered me and said 'What do we need to do to earn your business?'.  They went off and had a pow-wow and then came back with a proposal.  I called Lori, and a couple buddies to review the deal and presto = we are getting a new TV installed on Valentines day!  Happy about the TV, as the projector is dying rapidly :-)  Don't like the out of pocket expense :-(    We swung by Buffalo Wings to pick up dinner and then home to drop off D&J, and I headed to a Scout Adult Leader meeting.  Home after the meeting and a couple buddies stopped over to watched the Walking Dead, it was GREAT!  All to bed, exhausetd from a day of negotiations.