20140210 + Perfect Square

20140210 + Up, L&G home with G's fever, boys off to school, I headed to the BMV to get plates for the VW. On to work and at the desk for a day of email and calls. L took G to the Dr and he has a cold virus now... He got measured and weighed while he was there and he is 48 1/5 inches tall and 48 1/2 pounds, a perfect square. Headed home and had dinner with D&G, L took J to his basketball practice. I got an eBay shipment made an then headed to Scouts. D had to give a talk about winter camping and I had a parent give our den lesson. L dropped off J and picked up G. J&I finished up our Den meeting and went up to meet with the Boy Scputs. All home, dropped of the boys and picked up Doc. Off to Bible Bangers and got doughnut holes for the boys bfast.