20140208 - Four Ls

20140208 - Up late, I missed G's game in the am, they lost.  All home and I sat in the office and got a bunch of things done.  Everyone out to J's basketball game.  J played a really good game, but they lost.  After the game J was crying and showed us his finger, it was swolen and black and blue.  We got him home, his fingers taped up and some ice on them.  I got a couple more things done int he office and then D&I headed to his game.  D's team and D played really hard and it was a great game.  We even had the lead at one point but in the end coupldn't pull it off with against the giants on the other team that got every rebound.  Home and D played his game some more and then he came up after everyone else had gone to bed and watched a movie with me while I posted more things on Amazon and OhioOrigins.