20140104 - Baseball Busy Already?

20140104 - UP in the am and at the desk all morning.  LD&J went out clothes shopping.   All back for lunch and then L to the school to do some work, we wouldn't see her again until midnight as she had dinner with her friends.  DJG&I headed out and dropped D off at baseball practice.  DJ&I went to a couple music stores trying to find piano lessons for J, no luck...  D&I got our hair cut and then home for a couple minutes.  Then D&I headed out to swap for G.  I left D at baseball and G&I headed to the video store and then home to be with J.  I spent some time on the phone with Godaddy working on the new shopping cart then had to run and get D.  D&I picked up some Taco Bell for dinner and we all watched a movie as we ate.  Then we played some games on the Xbox.  Little boys to bed and D&I watched 'The Colony', pretty good.  Then D cleaned up and to bed, L home late.