20140114 - Swollen

20140114 - Up an in to work. Customer was onsite today and it went well. Swung by the Cole's on the way home to get J&G, L is watching Samer and Leaner as Rich had to go to the hospital for an abscessed tooth that is infected and developing a rash on his neck heading towards his heart :-o Got the boys home and D called ready to be picked up from the middle school basketball game. Now all boys home and I got a chance to eat while we watched a show. G lost his other top front tooth today, looks goofy.

 Little boys to bed, G upset because we didn't know where the Tooth Fairy pillow was... D stayed up and watched a couple shows with me, then to bed. I stayed up late working on the website, L home late, the Dr.s were not sure what was wrong with Rich, they had never seen this before, so they sent him home with Benadryl :-o