20140118 - Ducky Left Behind

20140118 - Up and ready for a busy day of sports.  All out to G's game, they won.  Home and did some bills and planning the weekend while L got J some new basketball shoes, bright blue and yellow ones.  Next up was G again and I dropped him at the baseball clinic and took J to his game.  Gma&paW came down to join the fun.  Part way through J's game I ran and got G.  We all met back at the house for a minute and then all out to D's game.  I helped keep score.  D (#5) is playing real agressive this year (I am sure it is due to his new shoes :-) and it is fun to watch.  He got 6 of the teams 13 points tonight. 

After the game I ran J to his buddy Donovan's and met everyone at Max & Ermas for a really nice dinner.  G had 2 meals :-o  Home and when putting G to bed I noticed J's Ducky was hanging on his bed post, he is growing out of his little stuffed buddy :-(  Not to worry, Lilly made use of Duckys comapny and J's bed.  Up late watching movies with D.