20140112 + Very Welcome Addition

20140112 + Up in the am, exhausted, and to church.  After church D&I went and picked up Penn and we headed to the car lots that were open on Sunday.  Our first stop was a Subaru dealership where we picked the Legacy that we liked and asked them to drive it over to the VW dealership to compare it side by side with the Jetta and the Passat.  D immediately found a car he wanted...  nice try...
We tested the size of the Jetta and it was too small in the back, so off the list it went.  We then compared the Legacy and the Passat and they were pretty even, until the driving test.  The Passat took everything I threw at it and was like driving on a cloud and the Legacy's engine and transmission whined and the ride was much rougher.  So the Passat it was.  I tested the base version and then looked at the loaded version.  I told the salesmen that they had 2 jobs now; 1 give me the loaded Passat at the base price and, 2 talk me out of going and buying a Ford Fusion...  They gave a good argument against the Fusion and came back with a really good price, so we finished up the paper work and headed home with a loaded Passat.
Home only for a minute and then ran to an adult Scout Pack planning meeting.  Home and exhausted from an expensive and stressful weekend.  We played xbox with D&J and all to bed early.