20141224 - Punching Santa

20141224 - Up stopped at Kroger on way to work and got some (200) candy canes.  In to work and shook everyone's hand and thanked them and wished them Merry Christmas.  We decided to let everyone leave early today if they wanted.  I went to the back and helped put stuff away.

Home and to The Cole's with the fam.  I never realized how most of the things in there house was given to them by Gma&paB, the kitchen table, the chairs all over the house, even the Christmas tree.  Had some good conversations with people, Like the missionary cousins that by the end of 2015 plans to own 20 rental properties, guess they don't need my donations to survive anymore.  We ate, we hid beer cans in the Christmas tree, We got gifts, we came home and hung out.  Little boys to bed, up late talking with Gma&paB.  Santa arrived about 1am.