20141215 - Big Hill

20141215 - Up in the an and ran D to school. Home and saw J&G off to school as well. L got her stuff together and headed to school too. I hung out and got a couple last min things done before my buddy Penn picked me up to take me to the airport. Caught all mt flights ok through Detroit to Seatle. The scenery coming in is fantastic!  My Rainier is huge and covered with snow.

I met up with Eric and we got a conference room and prepped for tomorrow's meeting. Then went to a cute over proved Italian joint for dinner. Checked in with L and D is working real hard this last week of the grading period, doing some cool projects. J had scouts and Vinnie sent me a video of the boys singing Jingle Bells in Chinese in preparation for Thursday nights Pavk meeting. Back to the room and crashing for the night.