20141228 + Winger Family Christmas

20141228 + Up in the am. D helped GpaW wash the cars and vacuum out the dog car. Little boys to barn. I got some pictures of the barn siding in the family room for a website background.  Then everyone packed up and we headed out. The first stop was a store to get J's shoes exchanged. We ran into Dave in the store.  On to John & Mary Terry's for the Winger Christmas Party.  There were a lot of people there and it was a great time loaded with food, fun and family. We played some games and hung out, there were gifts passed out and a joke telling session. After the party we headed back to the Farm to get Lilly. The little boys wanted to stay but G had a fever and it would be too much driving for it to work out.  On the road with some sad boys...  Got home, everyone cleaned up, tried to get all the stuff we got put away, and we watched a movie.