20130218 + Pick-n-Sick

20130218 + Up in the am and DG&I headed out. We swung over and got Jim and then North to Mt. Gilead where his uncle lives. His uncle Ed had an antique shop and is getting up in years; after hearing Jim talk about my Oddities store thought I might like some of his stuff. Man did I like it! DG&I picked, we broke the ice and bundled things, we're ready for prime time! We had a great time with Ed, he taught me more in that short time we were together than years of experience would get me. He still has half a basement full. So when he is ready to clean out more, I will be glad to help him!
We dropped Jim off at his in-laws and headed up to the Farm. D was fading fast so I pulled into a cvs and got meds for him. On to the farm where we got a bite to eat. Then D took a nap and G&I helped Gma&paW clean up some wood, move cows and gates, fed a bale and reviewed things to get done before the upcoming Maple Syrup Day @ the Farm (April 13, 2013). Up to house got D and headed home, exhausted something working on me...
Got home and D pretty much straight to bed. J feeling better, G wimping around. I headed out to return some movies and go to Bible Bangers. While there L texted me the G had just thrown up... :-o    Home and chilled to bed very soar.