20130202 - Rehab

20130202 - UP to G's game, they won, he brought a friend home with him. D&I split off, went to Scouts to pick up pinewood derby kits, then returned movies and on to the rental. We cleaned out the basement and made a list of supplies for the initial repairs. Home and L to zumba, G's friend home too. Not much of a break, out to J's game, they won, Gma&paW here for the game.

All back home J brought his buddy Donovan to play and spend the night. Jeff picked GpaW and I up and we went to look at a potential rehab property, total mess, but we like it, GpaW scared of it :-) Back home and loaded up and off to D's game, they won. Home and stopped for Chinese on the way for dinner. Had a nice dinner at home so the girls could watch the OSU basketball game. Up late balancing books.