20130207 - Biz-e Day

20130207 - Up in the am shipments ready, called to get water turned on at the rental, tasks in line for the day... Headed to Dublin to meet 2 suppliers and get stock for the OhioOrigins store; it went VERY WELL.  Stopped at an antique store in Westerville for an education on what to not buy at sales (the box of stuff I took in to have checked out!!!).  Home and got G. We went to the post office, he got a piece of glass in his finger when we got back in the car, to the bank and them back home.  I got a call about a job in CMH, then worked on a proposal for rugs. Back out and picked up John on the way to the auction. It was a good auction tonight an we got some good stuff. Home, showed the fam the loot, had some dinner, watched American Idol and then got the boys to bed. Up late looking things up on eBay and then prepping for tomorrow.