20130203 + Shots

20130203 + Up and L took all 3 boys + Donovan to church. I got the desk cleared off and things finished up from last week and lined up for this week. All back home and had lunch. Then L&J went to the grocery and I had D&G set up the studio in my office an start taking pics of the mounds of things I need to get posted on eBay. There was a stack of state plates and I helped G clean them and he had to read the state before he could take the plate. He did really good sounding out the names.

With hundreds of photos now shot I took D, picked up a couple of his buddies, to a youth group sponsored Super Bowl party. Home and L had some finger foods for JG&I and we watched the game. Picked D and his friends up about 9:30 and took them home. D&I got food for Lilly and gas for L, then home to watch the rest of the game.