20130209 - All Dressed Up

20130209 - Up in the am and out to G's game. I was a stand in coach and the boys did fabulous again. G slid on his knee in the last quarter and wanted to sit for a minute. He said 'Dad I want to come back in', but it was to late, he was already switched. The fall didn't hurt his knee enough to bring tears, but hearing e wasn't going back in started the water works... Hard lesson for a little fella :-(

All home and I ran to pick D up from his overnighter at the church. We then headed to Home Depot and the rental to fix a water pipe and set mouse traps. We ran home, changed nod then went to J's basketball game. We got to see the end of it. J's team won again and J had an awesome shot.

Home for a quick dinner and then out to D's basketball game. He played pretty aggressive tonight. After the game we went to some friends house for some snacks and to discuss our teenage boys. I don't know how the old prom dress came out... But it was a lot of fun!