20120129 - Trash Out

20130129 - Up in the am and chained to the desk. Got call from school that D was ascent... well he wasn't at home... Called the school, they found him (wasn't in his seat when attendance was taken...). L home, taught he how to post to eBay :-) finished day at desk. We left D in charge cooking supper as L&I went to City Hall for a Reception for Board members. We had some finger food with the mayor and other board members. Home and the house was still standing and all boys ok! Cleaned them up and got them to bed, I speed read their book. Out to the property with Jeff to take out the trash to the curb. The neighbors came out an have us an earful about the lady we evicted... :-o We did as much as we could and then went to a bar for pizza and a beer and to for a strategy meeting. We then got pulled over on the way home, Jeff had a headlight out. First time I had to tell an officer 'I have a conceal carry license', that went well. Home and up late on pc.