20130107 - Break a leg, OUCH!

20130107 - UP and boys off to school. Got some Scout stuff ready and then updated the resume one last time. Made some calls and got things ready to ship for ebay. Had a call with an old work buddy. L and the boys home, except D, he is at his first night of ski club. J&I ran to the post office and then on to the grocery. Home, took out the trash, had dinner and then J&I out to Scouts. We had a good meeting with 11 of the 12 Scouts there to earn their whittling chips. We had knives everywhere and I had a 3 foot long sword hidden in my pant leg. I asked the boys if they wanted to see my pocket knife and pulled out the sword. They exploded with laughter :-) No one got hurt and we headed home to watch the BCS Championship. Went to the school at 10 to pick D up. His buddy Seth went to the hospital from the slopes tonight :-o