20130121 - Northeast OH

20130121 - Up and the boys to the barn for a bit as GpaW finished up feeding. All back up to the house and we hit the road to Ashland for some grub and to look for a local farmers market. Then on to Wooster were we got a bunch of good leads from the local farm market and a book store.

We then hit a local factory before heading a bit further East to Kidron and the awesome Lenman's Hardware. I could spend days on there! I got a ton of good leads and the boys got a ton of stuff too... On the way home we stopped to eat and the boys got a bit slap happy. I have to say they did great for being cooped up in the car for nearly 2 days. But they had GmaW keeping them busy: I bet she's tired tonight :-) back to the farm and with it getting dark and a descent amount of snow coming down I drug the boys out to the car and we headed home. When we got on 71S it was a parking lot... took us over 2 hours to get home.

Home, cleaned up, adventures told to L&D and all boys to bed. L helped me pack and ship this weekends eBay sales and then prepping for the rest of this short week.

I had an interesting call come in while on the drive home drone one of the chaperones of the Middle School Ski Club... Tomorrow will be interesting...