20130119 - Busy Basket

20130119 - Up in am and everyone to G's first official basketball game; even Gma&paB came over for the fast action game. I helped coach as the head coach was missing. The boys were great and dribbled and passed and shot like pros. G had an awesome game, they won (I keep score! :-)

After the game J&I rushed off to Blendon Woods to meet or Den for a Cub Scout outing where the boys learned all about ducks and geese. We took a nice hike and observed some cold ducks. They played a Simon says game where one thing they had to do was huddle together with there heads under their wings.

Home for just a minute then J&I to lunch and a Pack Bowling day. The boys had more fun!

Home and everyone back to the house. Gma&paB had some horrible luck; their brand new car had been hit by a windswept door and dented and then someone backed into it.... }:-(
After a short break, where we started a 1000 piece puzzle, we loaded up and went to J's basketball game. Gma&paW joined us. J did good sliding all over the place and guarding his man. J's team won!

Home with a stop at Home Depot to get a replacement garbage disposal. We all had dinner together and hung out for a bit before heading to D's game. D did a lot better, was more aggressive than his first game, he even took a couple shots tonight. D's team won!

Home, all exhausted. Had a cake and ice cream snack and all to bed.
A good busy fun day!