20130120 - Road to Dessert

20130120 - Up in the am and D having difficulty getting his homework done... I got some thing together and JG&I headed up to the Farm. We picked up Gma&paW and ran over to Grandpa's Cheese Barn in Ashland. We were scouting for Ohio made goods, but Grandpa's has nearly all of the products rebranded with their own label... :-( Back to the farm and I tested out the new tractor while JG & GmaW went cat hunting. All back up to the house for a gourmet dinner GpaW whipped up.

 After dinner the boys each had a piano / keyboard and practiced tunes w/ Gma&paW while I listed things on OhiOOddities.

We had dessert about 10pm and G had 3 bowls of ice cream :-o Up late planning tomorrow and posting on eBay.