20121220 - Big Lights

20121220 - Up at desk a bit, then D and I out, camera store, library, bp, McD's, Goodwill. then on to Dave's warehouse where we talked about many things, especially online stores: he has 11 of them...  his main one is www.diabeticfriendly.com  we learned a lot as he fire hosed us with info.  Two more stops: Dollar Store and Tuffy. D thought we could walk home...  we called L to pick us up at the library :-)  home and we checked in.  Not long after D and I took off to London OH for an auction.  we got a truck load of stuff and had dinner there.  home and unloaded the treasures.  we had to fight everyone off of our finds...  the boys and I played nova until 10 and then all boys to bed.  Up planning tomorrow and sorting our purchases.