20121208 - Sick and Polar

20121208 - Up and to the YMCA to get D at 6am. We hit McD's for bfast and then Kroger for doughnuts. Home and back to bed for both of us. Soon everyone up and L&G off to the Polar Express and to stay at Gma&paB's for the night. I left D&J at home and went to some sales. Didn't find anything though. Home and trying to figure out the rest of the day with an exhausted 13yr old and a sick 9yr old :-( I got them around and we went to Home Depot to gt some lighting supplies and then to Panda Express to get dinner. Home and we hung our new lights and put up Jack's new santa. We had dinner and then played NOVA. J&I teamed up on D and he still beat us :-o L just sent me a text that G just barfed at Gma&paB's :-(