20121231 + 2013?

20121231 + UP and little boys staying at farm.  Went to see tractor Dad wants to get, it looks nice.  Had lunch at the Farm and then drove home.  The weather went crazy as we pulled into town.  D was feeling sick so we stopped at the CVS Minute Clinic and it was overbooked so L took D to urgent care, he has strep...
I headed out to ship things, USPS closed, duh!  I picked up D's prescription.  Home and played Halo with D, then dinner, then watched TV until the ball dropped.

2012 was busy, fun, stressful, scary yet strangely at peace.  I know that in 2013 this family will continue to grow and have more experiences.  I hope to capture them so I can remember, and so can these wonderful boys we are doing our best to raise...  May God bless us all and all we know and love in the year ahead.