20121210 - Singing in the Brain

20121210 - Up and D&J off to School and L to work.  G home with me, not feeling well; or so he says...  But he is doing just fine coloring, watching TV and playing his iTouch...  I got some Monday morning things done and my resume ready to send off for a professional rewrite.  L at a work Christmas party, J home then L home to get G and took him into the Dr.  D home and the boys doing homework.  L sent me a text that G had Strep! holy crap this boy has been sick since Halloween!  I heated up dinner for DJ&I, we ate, played a bit of NOVA.  L&G home, he got a shot a in the butt!  Gma&paW arrived and we headed to D's singing concert.  We left the sick-os at home GpaW&G.  The concert was actually pretty good.  WAY BETTER THAN THE PAINFUL HORRIBLE BAND CONCERTS!!!!  D of course didn't sing a note, but faked it, I could tell that from 100 yards back.  Home, Gma&paW headed out, all boys to bed and I went to Bible Bangers.  Home up late researching
ebay stores.