20121209 - High Bid Day

20121209 - Up in am, D cooked cinnamon rolls for bfast.  DJ&I got ready to head out, L&G home.  DJ&I headed to an auction in Johnstown where we got a couple of things for our ebay store.  Home for a bit, I got a couple of things listed, G was sleeping.  In the late afternoon DJ&I headed to Delaware to the 4C's Auction hose.  We got there for the 4:30 Auction and it was GREAT!  we bid on all sorts of stuff and J was my bidder.  He was picked by the auctioneer as the person that bid the most and got to pick out the winning raffle ticket during the break, he got a $5 tip too :-)  More bidding and soon we had the big white car full of treasures.  We headed home at 8:30!!!  Home and we unloaded our treasures to the amazement of G&L.