20111117 - Cake x 3 = $470

20111117 - Up and a super busy day. Took a break to pick up G, L had bday party at work. Barely finished up in time to help J ice his iCake.

Everyone loaded up for one of our favorite nights of the year, the Fellers Cake Bake and Auction. The meeting part took a bit too long... but the cakes looked great!

The bidding started off slow; D got a huge spider cake, the first one sold, for only $10. I was auctioning and once we got rolling, the bids came in. G picked his favorite and represented Jeff and I and a budding war ensued. $210 later G bought a cake. That is not the worst of it. Jack, personally attached to his cake now, would not stop bidding... and several guys were going to make sure that would be the best cake we ever ate. They stopped bidding against J at $250... I don't think L&I's wedding cake cost that much... and I could almost buy a real iPad for that price!

Not to worry, the proceeds (over $1200) all go to GRIN (Gahanna Residents In Need) and my bidding opponents helped share in the expense. We set some new records, $250 = most ever spent on a cake, 1st time with 2 cakes over $200, 1st time with 3 cakes over $100. Everyone had a good time, based on new experiences and helping a good cause. And I got to practice my new art of auction chanting ;-)