20111105 - 6th Annual OSU Football @ Winger's

20111105 - Up to a PERFECT DAY! We started setting things up, cooking, and the friends started rolling in...
There were kids everywhere, and friends old and new showed up; old connections were made and stories told. It is amazing how small this world is...

There was a HUGE spread of food to satisfy any appetite and plenty of TVs and beer.

The boys had their own football game,

and all 94 of us had an absolutely wonderful day. 

The Buckeyes actually WON which made it even better!

After the game some friends stayed to help clean up, and some who were lucky enough to go to the game stopped by. L&I sat down after final clean up and watched more football. I even caught a replay of the OSU game which I missed running around doing this and that during the day. It sure is fun, but we wish we had more time to talk to folks. It seemed every time we got in a conversation we were pulled off to this or that. No matter, we enjoy the friends and family all getting together, reuniting and forming stronger relationships.

Thank the Lord for such a great group of people we are surrounded by!

OSU Fight Song (Remix) by DJ SyFr