20111112 - Howdy's Hard List

20111112 - Up and D helped me finish clean up the garage. Then we headed out for his time to populate his Christmas wishlist. Our first stop was a gum show, we were looking for airsoft guns, but found some knives and survival bracelet kits. We did find airsoft, for cash and not business cards/way to contact the seller...

Our next stop was Toys R Us. This stop was not what I expected and told me a lot... As we walked through the isles that in the past would consume hours; this year took only seconds... D's interests in the last year have shifted so much... The toys he loved are not even considered and the toys he likes now are considerably more costly :-s We did find some things there though... We walked next door to Hobby Lobby where some science kits and models were scanned in.

By this Time the OSU game was in full swing. We listened to it on the radio between stores. I would have liked to see the game, but spending the day alone with Howdy is way cooler than any football game...

We were hungry by this time so we headed to 'Howdy's Deli' so Howdy and I could get some late lunch. I got the Howdy's Huge sandwich and Howdy got triple stack huge pancakes and sausage. We caught some of the game while we ate.

On to 'Army Surplus World' for some serious airsoft shopping... Then on to 'Dick's' for camping, airsoft and skiing shopping. We were shopped out and headed home, listening to the overtime loss of OSU on our journey home.

Home and LJ&G had been busy cleaning. I continued the trend and finished cleaning out the Rodeo while the boys had a peanut fight... In and my buddy Ed showed up 3 hours early for a 9pm meeting. His phone calendar was set for Pacific time :-o About this time L got nauseous...??? Ed hung out while I fed the boys and and we chatted. D made his survival bracelet and J made his collection display for Scouts and G played my iPad. Ed left and ScottH showed up for the 9pm meeting, on time... But he was the only one, so we sat and chatted and watched college football while the boys got to stay up late.

A nice day, but a bit sad as Howdy is getting too big for most toys :-(